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Riverside Car Accident Lawyers

Riverside car accident lawyers understand that settling a car accident personal injury and property damage claim can be a complicated process in California. The rules and regulations associated with accident reporting are expansive, especially involving serious fatal accidents, and that time is of the essence for all involved. Handling your own legal requirements and procedures associated with an auto accident is not a good decision for the typical auto accident victim. Having an experienced and aggressive Riverside car accident lawyer like the legal professionals at Yagoubzadeh Law Firm can be the difference in recovering full financial damages or possibly very little recovery at all.

Car Accident Comparative Negligence
Pure comparative negligence legal doctrine is utilized in California when reconstructing an auto accident. This doctrine requires the state to assign a percentage of fault to each driver involved in an accident and then adjust any financial damage awards according to those percentages. This rule can mean that a driver who is at fault in an accident can still recover some type of financial compensation for personal injuries and property damage. However, this determination is anything but an exact science and having solid experienced legal representation means that your apportionment of fault in an accident can be maximized. This is especially true in a multiple vehicle crash that can become very confusing regarding fault. Our Riverside car accident attorneys can help you understand how this will impact your final settlement/verdict.

Compensatory and Punitive Damages
Compensatory damages are generally quantifiable in many accident cases. Compensatory damages include financial recovery for medical bills, property damage to your vehicle, and transportation costs for medical appointments. This can also include being provided a rental vehicle while your personal vehicle is being repaired or reimbursement for damages. In addition, lost wages are also recoverable for the time missed for accident injuries, but this can be a complicated calculation for some accident victims because of methods and levels of pay. Non-economic pain and suffering claims are also classified as compensatory damages in a settlement when your attorney has leveraged physical discomfort for a maximized recompense. However, many insurance companies will attempt to deal in bad faith with a novice injured accident victim, while your legal representative will know how to stop insurance denial practices. This can be very important when serious injuries were suffered. Punitive damages are only awarded by a jury at the end of a successful trial, which of course will also require an experienced Riverside car accident lawyer. The possibility of punitive damages can also enhance your attorney’s bargaining position in maximizing a claim settlement.

Multiple Respondents and Insurance Company Providers
Many accidents involve multiple parties who have negligent in some manner. Insurance providers also have legal input in the recovery process and all auto insurance companies will be attempting to reduce their required apportioned payout. This means that insurance adjusters will contest the percentage of fault assigned to their client, which only adds to the complications of the accident and wrangling among the various legal teams. This is why you need a car accident attorney who is your personal professional negotiator. If the other individuals involved in the accident have personal representation, including insurance company legal teams, then is also imperative for you to have the same legal advantage for protection of your financial award recovery rights. Always remember that auto insurance companies with a track record of bad faith dealing with injured parties or their legal counsel can also be sued in a separate legal claim when the denial tactics are determined as egregious by the court. Having an aggressive Riverside accident attorney can help establish this possibility for exemplary damages.

Uninsured and Under-insured Insurance Coverage
California does not require drivers to carry uninsured and under-insured coverage on their personal insurance policies. This can be an excellent policy rider in California because the state minimums for auto insurance are low and the number of uninsured drivers is high, but attempting to claim the coverage can put you in an adversarial situation with your own insurance company. Having an experienced car accident attorney can insulate you from this situation because the court usually makes the determination on policy rider coverage. In California this is important when attempting to be made whole after an accident because pursuing damages from personal assets of a negligent driver can carry restrictions.

Never attempt to handle an auto accident personal injury and property damage claim by yourself. The final result of the accident can be reduced greatly when you have not retained dependable and reputable representation like the Riverside car accident lawyers at Yagoubzadeh Law Firm. Call them today at (800) 982-9070 or click on their official websiteand let them evaluate your car accident case for damage recovery potential. All evaluations are free, and if they do not win your case you pay no fee.

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